Welcome to Trinity’s Resource Department. This is a special program dedicated to meet your student’s academic needs. Here at Trinity we want your child to receive the best education they deserve. Through the use of our resource department, your child will become more successful in the classroom and have more confidence in their academic abilities. It has been deemed necessary that the following services would benefit your student’s academic success.
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These are the services available through our Resource Department and are data driven. Based on your student’s IEP, 504, academic record, or other assessments, services will be applied as needed.

  • Individual Academic Improvement Plan
  • MAP Assessment 3x Year in Reading and Math
  • Collaboration with teachers, family, agencies, or others
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Classroom Observations
  • Testing Accommodations
  • Small Group Instruction in Reading, Math Individual assistance with reading/math skills, organization skills, study skills, and/or self-advocacy skills
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